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When Texas put the first photolisting of children on the Internet in 1994, reaction was mixed. And when Alberta, Canada put its photolisting on the Internet in 2003, reaction was still mixed.

Photolistings are pictures of children in the foster care system (and in some international orphanages) who are now or soon to be legally available for adoption. These are children who need families - families who are committed to a lifetime of parenting, a lifetime of unconditional love, and a lifetime of support.

While the initial reactions to online photolistings were mixed (with a great deal of negative comment about invading the children's privacy), the number of adoptions directly resulting from that first contact with an irresistable photo has prompted more and more states and adoption exchanges to use the Internet for this purpose. Photolistings are making their way into other countries - not just Canada. In England, online photolistings use photos of child models rather than the actual children, in order to preserve their anonymity, but print photolistings use photos of the children themselves.

Many people who have considered adopting only in passing have been entranced by a beautiful face, soulful eyes, or a charming smile on a photolisting - but if you think you might be one of them, be sure to learn where to find and how to use photolistings - there are tips and suggestions that can help give you an advantage! Check it out here.

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